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Total Blackout

Total Blackout for Pocket PC

Fix the power system by mending electric circuits

Power-outage! Panic is spreading fast. It’s up to you to get the grid back up again - and save your city. You don't have to be an electrical engineer to play this game, but you do need to have quite a bit of grey matter. (Hey – easy is boring, right?)

Blackout is an ultra-addictive arcade game for your Pocket PC that requires on-the-spot decision-making – and has zero tolerance for error.

The plan: Wires are in various shapes and need to be rotated to make a closed circuit. Once a circuit is completed, it disappears. This allows you to get the power back to 100% locally, so you can move on to a new level. As you proceed from level to level, you see the city’s lights coming back on!

Think you have the makings of a hero? Find out now!

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Total Blackout


Total Blackout 1.00

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